Panagiotis Karantzias

-Class A' PGA Professional,
-Event Organizer.

Behind the success of Golf Events 18 stands Golf Professional Panagiotis Karantzias. With a wealth of expertise and a deep-rooted passion for the game, Panagiotis brings a unique blend of skill and knowledge to our community. His dedication to the sport is evident in every event we organize, ensuring that participants receive top-notch guidance and an opportunity to learn from the best.

Panagiotis Karantzias is not just a golf professional; he's a mentor, a motivator, and a true ambassador for the sport. His accomplishments on the course and commitment to helping others improve their game make him an invaluable asset to our team.

From a very young age (5 years old), I found myself at the golf course in Glyfada. I developed a love for the sport, and when I am on the field, I feel like I am exactly where I want to be. So, when I finished school in 1999, I decided to pursue a professional career in the sport and move abroad, specifically to Switzerland. I enrolled in one of the best schools of the Swiss Professional Golfers' Association to study all aspects of the game.


We recognize the diverse needs and expectations of our clients regarding the services we offer.

Our tailored event plan meticulously details all the logistics related to the event, encompassing tasks and action items that need attention both prior to and on the day of the event.

The plan also provides access to the registration database and pairings document, offering comprehensive details and demographics on each of your players and/or sponsors.

In conjunction with the event website, we establish and oversee an exceptionally efficient method to simplify and streamline all administrative and logistical aspects associated with your golf event.


At Golfevents18, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations by delivering  services that prioritize the distinctive and unique aspects of each client's project. Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest quality results, as we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and intricacies of every endeavor. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, we strive to elevate your project to new heights, setting a standard of excellence in every service we provide.